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Kurdish widows, teachers, architects, politicians, students, media producers, and villagers join together to rebuild a land devastated by Saddam’s brutal genocidal attempt on their society.  The pattern they implement is important not only for a battered Iraq to follow, but one urgent in creating a future for their entire region.

Victims’ stories of the chemical attack at Balisan, the dirges of the Barzani widows, and images depicting the destruction of 4,500 Kurdish villages vividly portray Saddam’s genocidal attempt on the Kurds.  Step by step, institution by institution, Kurdish men and women, villagers and city folk birth a vibrant modern Kurdistan.

The lives of the widow Miriam Othman, university student Miriam Rashid, obstetrician Dr. Atia Saeed, filmmaker Hero Talabani, Minister of Human Rights Mohammed Ihsan and Sheikh Abdullah Barzanai may seem very different.  But the struggles they all face are the price decades of war and the unresolved political situation of Kurdistan, Iraq, and the region exact from their inhabitants.

It is urgent that we preserve the Kurds stories, celebrate their successes, and support the world they seek to build.

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